Arten und Elemente 2019 Kallmann-Museum Ismaning, Germany

The exhibition project deals with the complex interplay of man and nature. Six installations inside and outside the museum, that were newly created for the exhibition, are dedicated to human intervention in natural systems, climate change and the extinction of species, the exploitation of natural resources and their global trade.

low cost houses and pavilions 2016 space ship/kunst und architektur, Matriculation Hall, Technical University Munich, Germany 2015 Indigenous Terra Madre 2015, Mawphlang, Meghalaya, Northeast India 2015 ocean dome and buildings, Cape Institut of Architecture, Cape Town, South Africa 2013 - 2014 Haus der Architektur, Bayerische Architektenkammer, Munich, Germany

At this exhibition minimal constructions and low cost houses are the central themes with the goal to make a contribution to the discussion also for informal city structures. Experimental possibilities are shown on the basis of realized projects or such under construction by Markus Heinsdorff in China, Germany, Ecuador, India and South Africa (photo documentation, models, sketches, exhibits and video).

wasser-werke a joint project with the hydromechanics laboratory of the Technical University Munich, Germany 2012 Goethe Institut, Max Müller Bhavan, Bangalore, India 2012 German pavilion, Riocentro Convention Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2012 Club Transatlântico and German House of Science and Innovation (DWIH-SP), São Paulo,Brazil

2011 Exhibition Hall at the Technical University Munich, Germany

bangalore, in cooperation with the internationalen short film-festival „Voices from the Waters“ as part of the präsentation: German and India. Exhibition with object, installation, video, photography as well as an in-situ work in Bangalore about water. With support by the Free State of Bavaria.

rio+20, object installation „air rings in water“, German pavilion at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With support by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment.

são paulo, exhibition with object, installation, video, photography about water as well as in-situ work where people of the region Guarapiranga were portrayed and their personal stories about water were written down. As a guest contribution thr designer and architect Nivaldo Vitorino showed his video work „Pantanal Waters“. With support by the Free State of Bavaria.

munich, exhibition with object, installation, video, photography with and about water. Accompanying lectures and excursions with Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Markus Aufleger, Irene Burkhardt and Horst Haffner, Dr. phil. Wolf Dieter Enkelmann, Dr. Andreas Fath, Prof. Dr. Peter Pörtner, Dr. Christoph Rapp. With support by Hansgrohe GmbH, Schiltach and Selbach Umwelt Stiftung, Munich