Insect observation station in Ismaninger Schlosspark, installed as part of Markus Heinsdorff's exhibition "Arten und Elemente". Box with observation screen and list of endangered species (showcase). At night, the park's insects can be observed on an illuminated screen, comparable to the catching screen in Panguana.

Rotor - mobile hydro - Prototyp IV

Prototype IV is a further development of the micro hydropower plant (Rotor Prototype I), which offers the possibility to generate electricity in regions without access to electricity in the simplest way. The idea is a decentralised energy supply that can replace diesel generators. The aim is to prevent local supply poverty in developing and emerging countries.


House made of recycled corrugated card board as self-supportive light weight construction. The tower forms an upside down cone without ceiling. The card board boxes were layed on top of each other, row after row, in a radial running bond pattern and fixated among each other with screws. 480 commercially available fruit boxes have been used. Height: 3.60 m, diameter: 2.4 m

folding house

4 m long and 1,9 m high folded room object of 10 mm thick plywood. The sections were movable connected with flexible sealing tape to form a single panel surface from which the room was folded. An intermediate textile floor or hammock can be suspended for the use as a bedroom or living room.

Rotor - mobile hydro

A water wheel (Darrieus Rotor) with a vertical axis is placed in the center of an inner tube. The water stream of a river makes the turbine rotate and electricity can be generated with a dynamo which supplies a bulb. In this way the “rotor” visualizes the flow energy at day and night. At the same time the object animates to think about new developments of innovative renewable energy systems.
Steel, sheet, rubber tube, diameter approx. 1.35 m
height: approx. 1.0 m

Air rings in water

Dolphins are able to blow such air rings and play with them. Within this art project these rings are generated artificially in a static water column. These rings with a reflecting surface float from the bottom to the surface. Acrylic glass and electronic devices: height: 2.40 m, diameter: 0.7 m

Water bowl

Due to the intermittent rotation the water surface forms up and collapses periodically in the cylinder. Plexiglas cylinder filled with water, motor, electronic control Dynamic installation, height: 1.4 m, width/length: 0.6 m

Water level

Dynamic installation where an air bubble travels from one end of the Plexiglas-tube to the other. Therefore the water-filled tube moves 10 cm up and down while it's fixed to the wall by an axis.
E-motor, nylon string, Plexiglas, length 1.5 m

Sound bowl

The water surface of this dynamic installation is being stimulated by a tuning coil and so starts to dance with renewing forms. Amplifier, mp3-Player Sound installation, height: 1.4 m, width/length: 0.5 m

Es könnte stürmisch werden

Dynamic installation with five triangle constructions made of steel tubes.
Through water motion using compressed air they are tilting like “icebergs” in water.
Five triangles length 3.50 m, width 61 cm, height 60 cm, steel tube 16 x 16 mm


The built-in fittings and furnishings in the German-Chinese House at EXPO 2010 were developed specially for the occasion.
They are at once multi-functional and art objects

Sphere IV

Ring ball of aluminum
Exterior polished, interior jaded
Diameter 28 cm, weight 7 kg
At each junction only two rings are overlapping


Bowl of bronze. The inner surface is high gloss polished and reflects the surroundings. The exterior is bronze jaded with modelled structure and reddish white cast skin.
Diameter 52 cm, height 12 cm, weight 18 kg

Sphere III

Ring ball of bronze
Exterior polished, interior jaded
Diameter 30 cm, weight 17 kg
At each junction only two rings are overlapping

Sphere II

Ring ball of bronze
Exterior flexed
Diameter 12 cm, weight 1,8 kg

profound blue

6 blower boxes made of polished, reflecting aluminium
Backplane ultramarine
height 57 cm, width 15 cm, depth 15 cm
Material thickness 8 mm

Red Window

The four circular discs stand in distance to each other and are kept together by only three wooden plug-ins.
Circle diameter 2,18 m, width 0,70 cm
Plywood boards, red acrylic colour


Ball consisting of 8 wooden rings with a diameter of 100 cm. At each junction only two rings are overlapping.