Born in 1954, studied sculpture in Munich. Nature and space are the central themes of  the artist who incorporates the fields of architecture and photography into his work. He has initiated and designed projects, installations, and exhibitions in Africa, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Indonesia (Java and Bali), Vietnam, Jordan, USA, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, and a number of European countries. In most countries Heinsdorff develops projects for exhibition venues using local materials. He has been supported by the Siemens Arts Program, the UNESCO Aschberg Bursary, Goethe Institutes and embassies, and, on a number of occasions, the Free State of Bavaria. In 2013, he received the Siemens empowering people award for his “mobile hydro rotor” project. For the presentation of Germany in India from 2011 to 2013, Heinsdorff developed and realized sixteen pavilions as art buildings. For the presentation of Germany in China, he designed and realized the German-Chinese House at EXPO Shanghai 2010 and twenty-one pavilions from 2007 to 2009.
2016 - 2021 Founding and development of the laboratory for experimental building (low cost lab) at the TUM in cooperation with the EBB chair 
2015 Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
2014 - 2016 Visiting professor at the DeTao masters Academy,
Center of Urban Construction & Sustainable Development, Shanghai, China 
2014 Hydroenergia Innovation Award, European Small Hydropower Association
2013 empowering people. Award, Siemens Stiftung
2013 Recycling Design Award, Arbeitskreis Recycling e.V.
2011 - 2015 Grant recipient, Bavarian Government in Brasil, India and South Africa
2009 - 2012 Visiting Professor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning,
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China
2008 - 2010 Visiting Professor at the Faculty for Architecture, University of Chongquing, China
2007 - 2010 Visiting Professor at the School of Architecture, Southeast University,
Nanjing, China
2007 Grant recipient, German Embassy Thailand
2006 Grant recipient, Bavarian Government in China
2006 Grant recipient, Siemens Arts Program, Germany
2005 UNESCO Aschberg Bursary, United Nations
2002 International Award for Sculpture, Kinetik Art Organization, USA
2000 Grant Recipient of the Nymphenburg Award for Fine Arts, Munich, Germany
since 1997 Membership Deutscher Werkbund, Bavaria, Germany
1990 Grant recipient of the Mathias-Pschorr-Foundation, Munich, Germany
1986 Grant recipient, Bavarian Ministry of Science and Art
1980 - 1989 Director and Founder of the School for Modern Design, Villa Pacieri,
Rome, Italy Projects as a goldsmith
1976 - 1981 Sculptor studies taught by Robert Jacobson, at the Academy of
Fine Arts, Munich, Germany
1974 Training as a stone mason and goldsmith
Single exhibitions / Installations
2022 Haus Europa, City Park Roth, Germany
2022 Regen–Wald 1, Museum House of Photography, Burghausen, Germany
2022 Leuchtenfeld, Badehaus, place of remembrance, Wolfratshausen, Germany
2021 Recyclables collection points - Île de propreté - Tunis, Tabarka, Siliana, Tunisia
2021 the space we live in, (GAD) CREA CANTIERI DEL CONTEMPORANEO, Venice, Italy
2021 the space we live in - arten, Airport Terminal II, Munich/Freising, Germany
2021 Leuchtenfeld, Textile Museum Augsburg, Germany
2020 Leuchtenfeld, Schloß Blumenthal, Aichach, Germany
2019 Arten und Elemente, Kallmann-Museum Ismaning, Germany
2019 Slag Stone House, ICA-D Institute of Contemporary Art Dunaújváros, Hungary
2018 space ship II, Lake Starnberg - Buchheim Museum, Bernried, Germany
2017 wertstoff portraits II, AWM Abfallwirtschaftbetrieb München and 12 garbage trucks in Munich urban area, Germany
2016 space ship, in front of the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany
2016 kunst und architektur, Matriculation Hall of the Technical University Munich, Germany
2015 low cost houses and pavilions, Indigenous Terra Madre 2015
Mawphlang, Meghalaya, Northeast India
2015 ocean dome and buildings, Cape Instiitute of Architecture, Cape Town, South Africa
2015 wertstoff portraits I of extreme collectors - 500 posters citywide in Munich, Germany
2015 wertstoff collage, Kunst-Insel at Lenbachplatz, Munich, Germany
2014 Isarleuchten, Weideninsel, Munich, Germany
2013 low cost houses and pavilions, Haus der Architektur
Bayerische Architektenkammer, Munich, Germany
2012 Germany and India – Urban Mela, 16 Pavilions (mobile space)
Presentation of Germany in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai
Delhi, Pune, India
2012 wasser-werke Bangalore, monsoon, Goethe-Institute, India
2012 Rio+20, installation “air rings in water”, Germany pavilion at the
UN conference for sustainable development, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2012 wasser-werke São Paulo, about water, Club Transatlântico and German
Houses of Science and Innovation, Brazil
2011 wasser-werke Munich, TU exhibition hall, Technische Universität
München, Germany
2011 8th International Garden Expo Chongqing
bamboo-pavilion, China
2010 Garden Expo, 2 bamboo-pavilions, Xian, China
2010 EXPO Shanghai, German-Chinese House, China
2009 European Dome, Central World Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand
2009 Germany Esplanade, fifth station Wuhan, China
2009 Wasserwerke, 6 rooms, Kallmann-Museum, Ismaning, Germany
2009 Germany Esplanade, fourth station Shenyang, China
2009 Academy in the Amazonian Rainforest, Yuwientsa, Sharamentsa
Ecuador, project presentation Forum Hilton, Munich, Germany
2008 Germany Esplanade, third station Guangzhou
second station Chongqing, China
2008 Royal Castles - Residences II, Gallery - South China University of
Technology, Guangzhou, China
2007 Royal Castles - Residences II, Changfa Towers - Daxinggong
Square, Nanjing, China
2007 Germany Esplanade, first station Nanjing, China
2007 Treehouse, Nimmanhaemin Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2007 Yü / Under Water, Galerie der Kulturen, Munich, Germany
2007 experience bamboo, Architekturgalerie
Technologisches Institut Bandung Java, Indonesien
2006 Royal Castles - Residences, Sun Yat-Sen library of the Guangdong
province Culture festival Guangzhou, China
2006 experience bamboo, Goethe-Institut, Jakarta, Indonesia
2005 open spaces, CMU Faculty of Fine Arts, Exhibition Hall CMU
Chiang Mai, Thailand
2005 experience bamboo, Art Museum Chiang Mai, Goethe-Institut
Bangkok, Thailand
2005 East - West, Gallery Orplid, Munich, Germany
2004 Jingdezhen, Galerie der Kulturen, Munich, Germany
2002 Skyplace, Gallery Gaya, Ubud, Bali/Indonesia
2001 Son, Max-Planck-House, Munich, Germany
2000 Screen House, Hypo-Hochhaus, Munich, Germany
1999 Untergrundspiele, Subway, Munich, Germany
1998 Windows: Marco Polos Dream
Museo Palazzo Querini Stampalia, Venice, Italy
Donaufestival, Krems, Austria
Haus der Kulturen, Berlin, Germany
Orensanz Foundation, New York, USA
1997 Windows: Marco Polos Dream, Zhejiang - Museum, Hangzhou, China
1997 Depot X - ltd. landscape II, Sieben Kapellen, Innsbruck, Austria
1996 Depot X - ltd. landscape I,historic factory building, Munich, Germany
1993 Global Bridge, Amerikahaus, Munich, Germany
1990 Installation über der Isar Praterinsel, Munich, Germany
1989 Hochseilmobil, European Patentamt, Munich, Germany
1985 Maschinen, Galerie Quanta, Milan, Italy
Group exhibitions
2019 Alexander Kluge, Pluriversum, Literaturhaus München
2018 shelter and vernacular, with Christian Schittich, Bayerische Architektenkammer Nuremberg and TUM Baustoffsammlung, Munich, Germany
2016 paperbox, Kunstbiennale Kunsteiland, Hermitage, Rotterdam, Niederlande
2015 Waterbound – Vom Leben mit dem Wasser, Kallmann Museum, Ismaning, Germany
2014 Rotor, Ars Electronica, Doha, Quatar
2013 6th RecyclingDesignAward, Museum MARTa Herford, Germany
2012 RheinSCHIENE + WarenSTROM, Fortress Ehrenbreitstein, Koblenz,
Deutscher Werkbund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
2011 bamboo, Xue Xue white Galery, Taipeh, Taiwan
2010 Updating China, Art & Architecture on Sustainable Urban Development,
Himalaya Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2009 Amazonia, Ecuador, Photographs, Galerie der Kulturen, Munich, Germany
2009 Recycling Art, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,
Wuhan, China
2009 Recycling Art and Pavilion Building, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts and
Glass Pavilion Zhongshanpark, Shenyang, China
2008 Pavilion Buildings, Galerie - South China University of Technology,
Guangzhou, China
2007 Pavilion Buildings, Nanjing Library, Jiangsu, China
2007 living spaces, Galerie Sunaryo, Jakarta, Indonesia
2005 Pai River, Pai Village, installations by the river, Thailand
2004 Antistatic, obejects in motion, Geldern, Germany
2003 Hartmann Art, Sphere, Heidenheim, Germany
2002 Landpartie, Kallmann-Museum, Ismaning, Germany
2001 zeitgleich, Galerie der Künstler, Munich, Germany
2000 Sculpture Park Pool, Kallmann-Museum, Ismaning, Germany
2000 Offene Räume, Leere, Limit, Landschaft, Central Station, Stuttgart, Germany
1999 Quid Vides, 3 installations, archaeological park Cuma, Naples, Italy
1994 The international Dairy Show, Boschhof, Beuerberg, Germany
1992 Große Kunstausstellung, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany
1991 Münchner Räume, Stadtmuseum, Munich, Germany
1990 Gesichter, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich, Germany
1989 Antrieb, Auftrieb, 10 Artists, European Patentamt, Munich, Germany
1988 Colori di Vento, C. Culturale, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Permanent installations and Buildings
2018 Tensegrity Sphere, spherical shaped construction with 4,6 diameter, consisting of 30 rods and 30 ropes, Wiesloch, Germany
2018 German-Chinese House (Expo Shanghai 2010), reconstruction as exhibition pavilion in the museum district, Hangzhou, China
2016 wind- watertower, water station with 10,5m high cooling tower and lounge, Michamvi, Sansibar, Tanzania
2016 Observatorium, octagonal and 8,5m high tower object with 20sqm observation deck, Csórompuszta, Hungary
2015 belvedere, 20sqm cubus with steel panel profiles, Domain de Boisbuchet, Architectural Park, France
2015 Ocean dome, Green Point Park (Stadion), Recycling Installation - 50 sqm tower facade filled with plastic waste from the Atlantic Ocean, Urban Design Department, City of Cape Town, South Africa
2014 Bambus Pavilion (Type Lampion) Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai Changning District, China
2012 Bambus Pavilion (Type Central) Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC),  Shanghai Minhang District, China
2012 Chinese Bamboo-Pavilion (Type Central - DuC), Domaine de Boisbuchet, France
2011 Two Bamboo-Pavilions (DuC), Botanic Garden, Shanghai, China
2010 Three Bamboo-Pavilions (DuC), Bamboo-Museum, Anji, Zhejiang, China
2009 Amazonia, Rainforest-Academy, Yuwientsa, Ecuador
2008 Living Dome, Land Foundation by Rirkit Tiravanija a. o.,
Chiang Mai, Thailand
2007 Sculpture made of 8000 bottle openers, Hacker-Pschorr, Munich, Germany
2005 Still´s from Beijing, Urban Science, photography installation for 4 rooms, Beijing, China
2003 Fernweh, station Maximilianstr., 200 m light installation, Regensburg, Germany
2002 Damoto, LVA, 25 sqm motion sculpture, Augsburg, Bavaria
2002 Ardeo, City Hall, sphere shape of 8 stainless steel rings, 3.5 m high, colored, illuminated, Erding, Germany
2001 Flügel, 8.5 m high motion sculpture made of aluminium,
Stadt Wiesloch, Germany
2001 Pool II, Gemeindewerke Ismaning, Germany
2000 Situ (temporary) Castle Nymphenburg, Munich, Germany, Situ (permanent)
Bärlocher Unterschleißheim, 4.5 m high quadrant made of plastic
1999 Balance II, Oberstufenzentrum, 10 m long motion object, electrically
controlled, Cottbus, Germany
1998 Seven Roses, Affetside, 7 wind moving objects à 3.5 m made of plastic,
Manchester, Great Britain
1998 Fünf Rahmen, 4.5 m high made of plastic tube and Geteilt,light box,
plastics museum, Lingen, Germany
1998 In Balance, Förderzentrum, 10 m long, hovering aluminium sculpture with
red and blue neon light, Poing, Germany
1997 Diagonal, 6 m high motion sculpture made of aluminium, picture
publishing house Mauritius, Mittenwald, Germany
1996 Tenso, 30 m long and 5 m high installation of wind wings, stainless steel,
aluminium, Pfennigparade, Munich, Germany
1995 Bogen, 6.5 m high wind sculpture made of aluminium, IBM building, Munich, Germany
1994 Kita, day care - school, 7 wing wind columns up to 6.5 m high, aluminium,
Munich, Germany
1994 Arbeitszeit, 3 installations up to 4 m high, up to 10 m length in 70 m long hall,
former Klöckner-Humbold-Deutz Hochhaus, Cologne, Germany
1994 Der Garten von Las Fosses,15 sculptures up to 7 m high and water garden,
Agen/Bordeaux, France
1993 Praxisinstallation, 30 light boxes, video installation, Munich, Germany
1987 Drehturm, 11 m high wind rotating tower made of steel and carbon fibre,
Technische Universität, Berlin, Germany