Germany - University Munich
2019 - Interdisciplinary Master Studio (WS 50 students) "OUT OF WASTE". Using waste and regional building materials, simple variable and expandable building systems are to be developed, which enable locals to construct habitable spatial units without specialist knowledge and with few tools. Markus Heinsdorff (concept) with the Studio AD_Architektur, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Silke Langenberg in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Schuler and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer.
Germany - Technical University Munich, EBB
2017 Neue Werkstoffe - zum Thema Additive Manufacturing - Sekundärnutzung und Recycling, Faculty of Architecture, Chair for Building Construction and Material Science and low cost lab with Prof. Florian Musso, Sophie Reiner and Tobias Kogelnig

Germany – Technical University Munich
2016 Munich, "space ship", development of a prototype for an extremely light-weight low cost house under the guidance of Markus Heinsdorff and on basis of his concept. The result ‚space ship’ has been realised and shown in front of the Pinakothek der Moderne. In cooperation with TUM, Chair of Building Construction and Material Science, Prof. Florian Musso. Academic Staff Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Giers, Dipl.-Ing. Lavinia Herzog, Dipl.-Ing. Ursula Schürmann. 

Hungary – Hello Wood
2016 Csórompuszta, "Observatorium" development of a 8,5 m high tower object made from 7 x 7 cm square-cut wood. Constructed on and for the Hello Wood Festival by international architecture students under the guidance of Markus Heinsdorff and on the basis of his concept. In cooperation with Hello WoodVideo

Germany – Technical University Darmstadt
2016 Darmstadt, “working with Heinsdorff”, developing different cardboard and corrugated cardboard structures with a group of students as part of a corresponding seminar. Together with the students, a tower has been realised as contribution to the topic ‘Hermitage’ of Rotterdam’s Kunsteiland Biennale. In collaboration with TU Darmstadt, Fachgebiet Plastisches Gestalten, Prof. Ariel Auslender, Academic Staff, Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Luttropp 

2016 Michamvi, development of water stations together with Prof. Richard Moses Besha, Architeture Department of ARdhi University Deressalam, Tanzania and ZAWA Water Authority Sansibar for 10 students from the fields of engineering and architecture. Excursion to the wind- watertower in Michamvi with explanations about the use of the principle of Arabian cooling towers and architectural possibilities. In collaboration with the International Knowledge Exchange Association 

Tanzania – Ardhi University Daressalam
2014 Zanzibar Town, "construction with local material and recycling" and "bamboo construction". Workshops about sustainable construction and design ideas with 25 students in collaboration with the department of civil engineering at the Karume Institute of Science and Technology. In cooperation with GIZ and the International Knowledge Exchange Association

China – De Tao Group Masters Academy
2014 Shanghai, "Bamboo Design - Idea to Realisation" Planning of projects, using materials from the region. Workshop participants: architects, engineers, and students from different universities of Shanghai, lead by Markus Heinsdorff at the DeTao Group Masters Academy, Center of Urban Construction & Sustainable Development

Germany – Technical University Munich
2013 Munich, "folding house", realization of a mobile, foldable, experimental construction on the topic „low-cost“ for the exhibition at the Haus der Architektur. Concept, design: Markus Heinsdorff - realization and workshop: Chair for Wood Construction, TU München, Prof. Kaufmann under supervision by architects Stefan Krötsch, Mathias Kestel, Christian Schühle

South Africa – Cape Peninsula University of Technology
2013 Cape Town, construction of a recycling house "ocean dome" made of metal baskets (gabions) and filled with recyclables of the surrounding. The building is an installation object and residential house at the same time with natural climate design. In cooperation with Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), Cape Town. Supported by the Free State of Bavaria

India – Earth Insitutue Auroville, Hindustan University u.a.
2013 Chennai, "Low Cost Houses" - experimental investigation of possibilities in low cost building for diverse climates and presentation of the results. In cooperation with Goethe-Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai / Earth Institute Auroville / Hindustan University, Faculty for Architecture, Chennai, India, University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Detmold School for Architecture and Interior Design, Germany

India – MAEER's MIT Institute of Design
2013 Pune, "d-lane" urban art project with workshop and exhibition - photo portraits and text interviews with inhabitants of the 1200m long road with the University Maharashtra, Maeers MIT Institute of Design, exhibition at the Urban Mela on occasion of the presentation of Germany in India, Maharashtra province

Brazil – Technical Univesity Munich and Universidade de Sao Paulo
2012 Guarapiranga, Sao Paulo, "about water" (exhibition, workshop) in cooperation with the Hydromechanical Laboratory, Technical University Munich (TUM) Germany, Dr. Christoph Rapp and students with support from the Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), exhibition at the Club Transatlantico, Sao Paulo

Taiwan – National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute
2011 Nantou, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, Bamboo-Workshop about chairs and "sitting", "Chairs for the 100th Anniversary of Taiwan" with 24 reknown Taiwanese designers in cooperation with Boisbuchet, Vitra and Xue Xue Institute Taipeh, exhibition at the Xue Xue white Galerie Taipeh

Germany – Hans Grohe Academy
2011 Schiltach, Hans Grohe water symposium, "water forms", creation of a water portrait as video and water sound environment with 8 participants, Schwarzwald, Black Forest

Thailand  – Silpakorn University

2009 Bangkok, Silpakorn University, "European Dome", on the occasion of the "Green Days" organized by European Union Green Days. Lecture and construction of the Bamboo Dome as part of a workshop with 9 students of the Faculty of Architecture: a pentagonal tower of bamboo pipes was erected – diameter 4,70 m / height 7 m connected by cords

China  Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2009 Wuhan, Huazhong University Of Science and Technology, Central China, Architecture and Urban Planning School, Chair of Prof. Mr. Tan Gangyi; "Recyclingart", during one week 30 students developed design and art objects made of different recycling materials, mostly from the DuC bamboo pavilions. The workshop results were shown in exhibitions on the University campus as well as on the German Esplanade in Wuhan - together with objects made in a workshop at the LuXun Academy of Shenyang, Prof Ke Xin Ma, Shenyang, Northeast China, Hubei province

France – Workshop Center Domaine de Boisbuchet
2009 Boisbuchet, "new forms with bamboo – object, design, sustainability", in cooperation with the Vitra Design Museum and the Centre Georges Pompidou. Since 1996, CIRECA is organizing an international summer academy at the Domaine de Boisbuchet, Lessac, region Poitou-Charente

China – Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and Hochschule Weihenstephan
2009 Shenyang, Recycling - Workshop and Installation in the LuXun Gallery and Zongshan Park - "Art and Design from Recycling-Material" - Summer term, with 9 students from the University Weihenstephan, Prof. Ingrid Schegk, landscape architecture and 9 students from LuXun-Academy, Prof. Ma, Faculty for Enviromental Art, Liaoning province

China – Chongqing University
2008 Chongqing University, Faculty for Architecture, Prof. Wang Xuesong, "Building with bamboo", summer semester, 19 students, with models, plans and original buildings

Germany – Fachhochschule Weihenstephan
2008 Freising, FH Weihenstephan, Faculty Landscape Architecture, Prof. Ingrid Schegk, "Dynamic construction - skeleton building" - bamboo design workshop, summer term (graduation class)

Germany – Technical University Munich
2008 Technische Universität München TUM, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Hausladen, Department for Clima Design at the Faculty of Architecture, "Bamboo Constructions - Renewable Energies", Master course

China – Southeast University SEUARCH
2008 Nanjing, Southeast University SEUARCH, School of Architecture, bamboo pavilion workshop, "Mobile Architecture and Art", 30 architecture students, landscape architecture and urban development, Jiangsu province

China – Southeast University SEUARCH
2008 Nanjing, Southeast University SEUARCH - School of Architecture, "bamboo - art and architecture" winter semester, 30 Students in their third and fourth year of studies and 20 guest students of the art-faculty

Germany – Technical University Munich
2007 Technische Universität München, Faculty of Architecture, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Barthel, "exhibition pavilion for Nanjing", summer semester, 20 students, exhibition of concepts at three stations of the presentation of Germany in China (DuC)

Thailand  – Chiang Mai University 
2007 Chiang Mai University CMU, Faculty of Architecture, "Treehouse", 80 students, with support from the German Embassy Bangkok and the Projektwerkstatt Berlin, Northern Thailand

Vietnam – University Hanoi
2007 Hanoi, Goethe-Institut in cooperation with the University of Hanoi, Faculty for Architecture, "experience bamboo", 10 students, excursion

Indonesia – University Badung Institute of Technology
2007 Java, University Institute of Technology Bandung, "Space and Object: New Forms in Bamboo" winter semester, 35 students, Faculty of Architecture, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Bandung and Jakarta

Thailand – Prem Tinsulanonda International School
2006 Merim - Chiang Mai, International School - PREM "Bamboo-Installation", 27 students, Northern Thailand

Thailand – Chiang Mai University 
2005 Chiang Mai University (CMU), Art Academy, Faculty of Fine Art Chiang Mai, workshop and excursion "Mae Ping River" project, 15 students, winter semester with UNESCO Aschberg Award, presentation of the results at the CMO exhibition hall, Northern Thailand

Thailand – Chiang Mai University
2005 Chiang Mai University (CMU), Faculty of Architecture, 29 students, winter semester, "Bamboo - Space and Object" with support of the UNESCO Aschberg Award, Northern Thailand

Austria – University of Innsbruck
2000 University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Architecture, Prof. Schaur, summer semester, "working material bamboo" with practical uses

Germany – Deutscher Werkbund Bayern
1998 - 1999 Munich, Deutscher Werkbund, direction of the project team and workshop "Art in public space" with excursion to Munich's underground

China – Zhejiang Museum and Bauhaus University Weimar
1998 Hangzhou, Zhejiang Museum, scientific excursion and exhibition "Windows: Marco Polo's Dream" with Dr. Elmar Zorn, freelance curator, Prof. Dr. Jochen Borberg, Director of the Museum Education Services, Senate of Berlin and Prof. Dr. Marco de Michelis, Chair of Gropius, Bauhaus-University Weimar, Zhejiang province

Italy – Villa Pacieri
1980 to 1993 Rome, Villa Pacieri, (Via Salaria 43), and studio Munich, direction and teaching at seminaries for "creative design", 48 workshops, 450 participants, Latium province