Germany – University of Tübingen
2022 Keynote lecture "Markus Heinsdorff - rethinking art" under the theme of art production. SmP Seminar "Aesthetics of Crisis"

Germany – Kultursaal at the Rathaus Stein
2019 "Installationen und Kunstbauten. Über neue Formen der Kunst." Host: Akademie Faber-Castell

Germany – Schloss Blumenthal, Aichach
2019 "Kunst und Architektur als Impuls für den ökologischen und sozialen Wandel"

Germany – Technical University Munich, EBB
2017 "Neue Werkstoffe - zum Thema Kunst und Recycling", Faculty of Architecture, Chair of Building Construction and Material Science

Germany – Vorhoelzer Forum, Technical University Munich
2017 “Experimental Art – Low Cost Architecture”, series of lectures: New materials – low cost building, Faculty of Architecture, Chair of Building Construction and Material Science

Germany – Auditorium Maximum, Technical University Munich
2017 “Installationen und Bauten”, Peter Löscher Chair of Business Ethics and Global Governance

Japan - University of Tokyo - Kengo Kuma lab
2016 "Experimental Art - Low Cost Architecture", UT Lectures 2016 of the Department of Architecture, Graduate school of Engineering, organized by T_ADS Advanced Design Studies and the low cost lab TUM

Germany - Kongress Palais - Documenta Halle, Kassel 
2015 “Creativity and Innovation, low cost and high tech”, 16th International Congress
of the Trade Association Do-It-Yourself, Building and Garden (BHB)

China - China Building Centre
2015 Anji, Zhejiang province, “Building with bamboo”, 2nd Forum of Bamboo Architecture
Bamboo Life, together with the architect Kengo Kuma

Germany - Literaturhaus Stuttgart
2015 "Creative engagement between different cultures", with Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lehmann
president of the Goethe Institute (German cultural association operating worldwide)
host institution: Foundation Architektur-Forum Baden-Wüttemberg

Germany - Technical University Munich
2015 "Installations and buildings", Chair of Prof. Dr. - Ing. Thomas Auer, Building
Technology and Climate Responsive Desing

Germany - Technical University Munich
2015 "Installations and buildings", Chair of Prof. Dr. - Ing. Werner Lang, Institute of Energy
Efficient and Sustainable Desing and Building

South Africa - University of Johannesburg
2015 "Waste and recycling - art and construction" Lecture at the Chair
of Prof. Alex Opper, director of the MTech Architectural Technology Programme

South Africa - Stellenbosch University 
2015 Western Cape, "Waste and recycling - art and construction", at the 'Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies' on the occasion of the exhibition at Cape Chamber of Architecture in Cape Town

Germany - University Stuttgart
2015 "Low Cost Bauten und Pavilions" for the lecture series "Construction and Material" of the chairs of Prof. Werner Sobeck ILEK und Prof. Harald Garrecht MPA at the material research laboratory Otto-Graf-Institute

Germany - Allianz Forum
2014 Berlin, "Presentation mobile Hydro Rotor", European Philantropy Association (EVPA)
Annual Conference "Collaboration for Social Impact - the Next 10 Years"

Germany - Social Entrepreneurship Akademie
2014 Munich, at the summit 35 students from all over the world presented their approach to the topic of "waste". Speech: "construction and recycling"

Germany - Oscar von Miller - Forum
2014 Munich, in cooperation with representatives of different disciplines on the occasion of the UN World Water Day with the motto "water and energy" and the installation Isarleuchten (Isar glowing) 

Germany - Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg
2013 Symposium of the ByAK, Bayerische Architektenkammer, "Textile Architecture - Planning
Concept, Material",
MH: Implementation of temporary structures

India - Anna University, School of Architecture and Planning
2013 Chennai, "Markus Heinsdorff - installations and pavilion buildings"

India - The German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH)
2013 Hyderabad, "The DWIH New Delhi – Excellence on Tour 2013", MH - “Sustainable Low Cost - and Textile Architecture”, an event by The German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New Delhi and the German Research Foundation (DFG), Andhra Pradesh province

India - MARG Institute of Design and Architecture Swarnabhoomi - MIDAS
2013 Chennai/Kanchipuram, “Markus Heinsdorff - Textile Pavilion on India Tour”, Tamil Nadu province

India - Association of Designers of India (ADI)
2013 Pune Design Festival "re·gen·er·ate" | Designwala, "M.H. Pavilion Buildings"
Le Meridien, Pune Station, Maharashtra province 

Peru - Universidad Ricardo Palma
2012 Lima, "Arte en arquitectura en bambú en el Peru", Organisation: INBAR - Red Internacional
de Bambú y Ratán

Peru - Universidad San Martin de Porres
2012 Lima, Congreso de bambú, intercambio de experiencias en el uso del bambú en el Perú, Organisation: INBAR - Red Internacional de Bambú y Ratán

India - University Maharashtra - Maeers MIT Institute of Design
2012 Pune, "Markus Heinsdorff art works and d-lane Urban art project", Academy

India - University, Mahatma Gandhi Marg
2012 New Delhi, "textile buildings", School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi province

India - Dayanada Sagar Educational Institutions, University
2012 Bangalore, "M.H. -  Mobile Space - textile buildings", Architecture Department, Shivage Malleshwara Hills, Karnataka province

India - Nimhans Convention Centre - Malnad Architecture School Alumni
2012 Bangalore, "M.H.- Mobile Space - textile buildings", Masa annual event, international architecture forum

Germany - Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
2011 Dresden, "Urbanization or Migration: The Role of Culture in Indian and German Transitional Medium-Sized Cities", Workshop under the direction of Prof. Dr. Martin Roth, Director General, presentation: "M.H. Mobile Space - Germany and India 2012 - 2013"

Germany - The Association of German Engineers (VDI)
2011 Munich, "Interactions of Art and Technology", Forum Technology and Art

Germany - Labor Entrepreneurship, Freie Universität
2011 and 2012 Berlin, Entrepreneurship Summit, Interviews with Prof. Faltin:
"sustainable furniture architecture - Markus Heinsdorff", Description | Video 2011 | Video 2012

Taiwan - Xue Xue Institute and National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute
2011 Taipeh and Nantou, “M.H. – bamboo installations and buildings

Germany - Oskar-von-Miller Forum
2011 Munich, “wasser-werke – installations and objects”, in cooperation with the Hydromechanics-Laboratory of the Technischen Universität München

China - Donghua University
2011 Shanghai, "3rd international seminar on China enviromental art & design"

China - Nature Design Summit
2010 Shanghai,  "Green Now - 2010 Nature Design Summit",  "MH Bamboo - Pavilions and German-Chinese House - Expo Shanghai", Woigreen by Dream Home Canada,  Pudong New Area

China - Shanghai Expo - INBAR
2010 Shanghai, Congress on Bamboo and Rattan, “Innovative Constructions” Markus Heinsdorff, Design with nature - new architecture with bamboo

China - Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
2010 Tianjin, “Architecture and Landscape at Shanghai EXPO”, “Creative – Tomorrow: International Forum”, Environmental Art Faculty

Thailand - Silpakorn University
2009 Bangkok, “M.H. – the installations and buildings”, Faculty for Architecture

France - Domaine de Boisbuchet
2009 Boisbuchet, “M.H. – the installations and buildings”, summer academy

Germany - Technische Universität Darmstadt
2009 Darmstadt, ”Bamboo – construction material of the future”, Institute for Concrete Structures, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Garrecht

China - Huazhong University of Science and Technology
2009 Wuhan, “M.H. – the installations and buildings”, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Hubei province

China - LuXun-Akademie of Fine Arts
2009 Shenyang, “Recycling Art”, Faculty of Environmental Arts, Liaoning province

China - Presentation of Germany
2008 Guangzhou, Urban Visions - "Bamboo, construction material of the future", "The bamboo buildings of the German esplanade", Germany and China together in motion (DuC), Tianhe Sports Center Plaza

China - Chongqing University
2008 Chongqing, “Begehbare Räume”, Faculty for Architecture

Germany - Fachhochschule Weihenstephan
2008 Weihenstephan, “Frame Construction”, Faculty for Landscape Architecture, Prof. Ingrid Schegk, Bavaria

China - Southeast University SEUARCH
2008 Nanjing, “Mobile Constructions – object and design”, School of Architecture, Jiangsu province

Germany - Technische Universität München
2007 Munich, “Membrane Structures, Pavilion buildings”, Faculty for Architecture, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Barthel

China - Southeast University SEUARCH
2007 Nanjing, “Germany Esplanade – Pavilion buildings”, following discussion with architect Albert Speer, School of Architecture, Jiangsu province

Thailand - CMU Chiang Mai University
2007 Chiang Mai, “Bamboo – tree house”, Faculty for Architecture, Northern Thailand

Vietnam - Goethe-Institut
2007 Hanoi, “Experience Bamboo”, exhibition, workshop and lecture

Indonesia - Technical Institute Bandung
2007 Java, “Bamboo Installations”, Faculty for Architecture and Goethe-Institute

Thailand - PREM Center - international school
2006 Merim, “M.H. – the installations and buildings”

Thailand - CMU Chiang Mai University
2005 Chiang Mai, “M.H. – the installations and buildings”, Faculty for Fine Art

Germany - University RWTH Aachen
2003 Aachen, “Working with bamboo”, Faculty for Architecture, Chair for für building construction,
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Führer

Germany - Deutscher Werkbund
1998 Munich, “Kunst im öffentlichen Raum – Deutschland, China”

Austria - University of Applied Arts
1993 Vienna, (former: Academy of Applied Arts), contribution to lecture series "Global Transfer" of Prof. Dr. Elmar Zorn, "M.H. - Global Bridge"