Panguana 2019 Kallmann-Museum Ismaning, Germany

Fotografien und Videoaufnahmen von der Forschungsstation Panguana im peruanischen Regenwald, die als Teil der Ausstellung "Arten und Elemente" gezeigt wurden. Light boxes 15 cm deep, 29,5 cm wide, 22 cm high, material: birch, multiplex glass, light box foil

shelter & vernacular 2018 Technical University Munich, Germany 2018 Bayerische Archiitektenkammer (BYAK), Nuremberg, Germany

Markus Heinsdorff and Christian Schittich have been dealing with both themes - shelter and vernacular - on their journeys to the most diverse cultures with the help of photography for decades. They shed light on the themes of "simple building" from two different, complementary perspectives - that of the artist and that of the architect. 

wertstoff II 2017 mobile portraits of garbage collectors and exhibition, Munich, Germany

12 mobile large scale portraits of garbage collectors from different nations and their stories – displayed citywide on both sides of 12 garbage trucks of AWM and additionally as exhibition at the entrance hall of Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München (AWM). Sequel of the project wertstoff I.

wertstoff I 2015 portraits of extreme collectors - city-wide poster action in Munich, Germany

Portraits and the personal stories of each of seven extreme collectors (so-called hoarders), which are presented on 500 posters at 200 venues around Munich for six weeks.

wertstoff collage 2015 Kunst-Insel at Lenbachplatz, Munich, Germany

Large-scale display of a color print on a free-standing, 5 x 5 m big screen at the center of Munich as art in public space.
A photograph using a multiple exposure technique displays discarded objects in containers. The picture was taken at waste containers of the city garbage stations, the so-called Wertstoffhöfen.

about water 2015 Group exhibition "Waterbound – Vom Leben mit dem Wasser", Kallmann Museum, Ismaning, Germany 2012 exhibition "wasser-werke", Club Transatlântico, São Paulo, Brazil

Portraits of people from the region Guarapiranga, photographed at the residence or at work. The photos show single persons with enclosed texts of their personal story about water. Guarapiranga is a suburb of Sao Paulo at a lake used as a water reservoir surrounded by favelas. Poverty and insufficient access to clean water affects the whole region.

Amazonia 2009 Exhibition, Galerie der Kulturen, Kokon, Munich, Germany

The photo shooting took place in Dezember 2008 in the rain forest of Amazonia in Ecuador at Rio Pastaza, Sharamentsa and Yuwients in the region of the Indian tribes Shuar and Ashuar. This area of the Amazonas with all its feeder rivers is one of the biggest contiguous rain forest area of the world.

wasser-werke 2012 Goethe-Institut, Max Müller Bhavan, Bangalore, India 2011 Exhibition hall/foyer der Technischen Universität München, Germany 2009 Kallmann Museum, Ismaning, Germany

Photographies (150 x 100 cm und 90 x 60 cm) about or waterside, taken at the sea, lake or river. The pictures show different water characteristics like they can be found in nature. The photo strips (30 x 100 x 16,5 cm, 120 motifs) were taken between spring and autumn 2008/09 at the river Isar between Munich and its source at the Karwendelgebirge in Tirol, Austria.

Residences II 2008 Exhibition, Gallery – South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China

The installation continues the Image-Sound-Exhibition “Royal Castles – Residences I". The series was enlarged with 10 more castles and shows a selection of the most important castles of the state of Bavaria in Germany. The sounds, which are coming straight out of the image area, are a mixture of the environment sounds with music from the times when the castles were built. The playback is working with resonance spools which are inserted into the backsides of the images. New sound program transmissions let the plates vibrate, so they work as a speaker.

The glance 2007 Installation, Deutschlandpromenade, Province Jiangsu, Nanjing, China

Photo installation with 280 pictures of Germany on a 300 qm facade with 60 m length and 5 m height. Each picture was prepared with motion blur by a special computer program and the breadth was doubled. The arising impression compares to the view out of a driving vehicle onto a landscape passing by or vice versa to a moving facade.

YÜ - under water 2007 Exhibition, Gallery of the Cultures, Kokon, Munich, Germany

Photos of exotic waterplants, digital and analogical. Portraits of Kois and gold fish, taken 2006 and 2007 in Thailand, China and Indonesia. Toy fish is a tradition there since thousands of years. On all market places of East Asia, from Beijing to Surabaya, endless variations are offered. Gold fishes in glass symbolize the desire "gold and gemstones may fill your house", a pair of gold fishes symbolize fertility and are a popular present for weddings.

The character YÜ means fish and abundance in Chinese and is standing for wealth and luck. A gold fish is also one of the eight buddhist symbols and stands for salvation.

Residences I 2006 Exhibition, Culture Festival Guangzhou, Province Guangdong, China

The image-sound-installation shows a selection of the most beautiful castles, residences and houses in parks in Bavaria. The pictures of the castles were completed with skies taken somewhere else. The sounds, which are coming straight out of the image area, are a mixture, a melange of the sounds of the environment with music from the times when the castles were built. The playback is working with resonance spools which are inserted into the backsides of the images. New sound program transmissions let the plates vibrate in a way that they are working like loudspeakers.

Mae Ping River 2005 Exhibition Hall, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Aerial view of a river, photographed on a length of ca. 100 km with 180 pictures, starting at the spring near Chiang Dao going on to the City of Chiang Mai. The pictures were taken out of a plane, following the river from a height of 1000 m. The sequence of the single pics is presenting the course of the river as a consecutive vein in a constantly changing, naturally and artificially mutated landscape.

Atlantic 2005 Punta del Hidalgo, Tenerife, Spain 2005 Exhibition, Gallery of the Cultures, Kokon, Munich, Germany

Photographs of the Atlantic Ocean in the north of the island of Teneriffa at the bottom of the Anaga Mountains.

Pictures were taken in the village Punta del Hidalgo and surroundings with its harbour, warehouses and rocky bays at the ocean.

Jingdezhen 2004 Exhibition, Jingdezhen, Province Xiangxi, China 2004 Exhibition, Gallery of the Cultures, Kokon, Munich, Germany

Photographs of Jingdezhen in China. The city with its 2000 years of history is rated as the oldest porcelain or chinaware town in China. Everywhere in the city there are countless shops and places of production for tableware and vases. In the environments a primary landscape can be seen with herds of water buffalos, small villages and houses of stone, surrounded by the Kaolin Mountains as commodity supplier for the porcelain.

Peking, Hangzhou 1997-2003 Beijing, China 1997 Hangzhou West Lake, Province Zhejiang, China 1998 Exhibition, Galerie auf der Praterinsel, Munich, Germany 2005 Exhibition, Galery Orplid, Munich-Solln, Germany 2005 Permanent Installation, Urban Science Beijing, China

Photographs and sound recordings from several sights of the cities and surroundings, pictures et al. of monasteries, temples, emperor gardens and markets, sound recordings from different gardens.

Kuss, Denker 1994 and 2001 by Auguste Rodin

The Kiss. Light box, cut into 15 light arrays with permanently changing light By analogical control system the 15 arrays are shining in different combinations to each other as mosaics. - Height 0,94 m, breadth 0,75 m, depth 0,07 cm.
The Thinker. A permanently changing light mosaic. Photograph of "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin cut into 18 light boxes, each 35 x 35 cm, illuminated by analogical relais control in different intervals. - Height 2,30 m, breadth 1,10 m.

Mountains/Gorges 1993 Jordan -Country 1994 perm. "Praxisinstallation", Unterföhring/München

Pictures of landscapes in Jordania, photographed in the Wadi Rum and the world heritage of Petra. The photographs are part of the "Praxisinstallation" and installed permanently in two rooms at eight lucent boards of 50 x 50 cm on the ceilings.

Black Box 2001 Tian´anmen-Place, Beijing, 1999 Piazza Plebiscito, Naples, Italy 1998 Times Square, New York, 1998 Marienplatz, Munich, Germany

The Black Box is a wooden box with lenses, turning the surroundings upside down and project it onto a focusing screen. The box was temporary positioned at central places in different cities. Straightaway there were groups of interested passers-by, who photographed each other or the surroundings including the box. The different situations were documented each with a series of pictures.