Octagonal, 8,5 m high tower object that has been realised for the Hello Wood Architecture Festifal in Csórompuszta, Ungarn. An extremely open structure with minimal use of material provides the visitor with a 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.


The platform of 6 m diameter and 25 sqm can be used for exhibitions and research.

The concept of an open structure and the connection between inside and outside space has been explored within multiple former works. 

In cooperation with Hello Wood

Team: Mangliár László, Eve Stotesbury, Cristina Krois, Zsuzsanna Kovács Zsuzsanna, Vladimír Votava, Henry Lyle, Flavia Notarianni, Sasvári Adrienn, Sonia Molenda​

Cut and audio: Benedikt von Unold
Aerial footage: Hello Wood