Wertstoff (resource)
is the title of Markus Heinsdorff's series of art campaign in Munich with the subtitle "About the good and bad lack of collecting".

How do we treat the things that surround us? When they are broken, do we repair them, keep them, dispose of them or recycle them? Which objects are especially important to us? How do we imagine the world in the future?

First part (From March until July)
Lectures at the Oskar von Miller Forum with 14 lecturers from the fields of art, science and society.
Art in public space with the 5 x 5 m big picture "Wertstoff" at the Kunstinsel at the Lenbachplatz.
Wild placarding shows portraits of seven collectors (so-called hoarders) with 500 posters at 200 venues in the city.

In cooperation with:
Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München, AWM (Waste Industry Management Munich), H-TEAM e.V. (non-profit organization)
Under the patronage of Munich's major Dieter Reiter

Cut: Bastian Zeiselmair