creative engagement between different cultures
Germany - Literaturhaus Stuttgart, talk with Klaus-Dieter Lehmann and Markus Heinsdorff, moderation Frank Kaltenbach event series architecture, host institution: Stiftung Architektur-Forum Baden-Württemberg

The world is facing big challenges that ask for creative solutions and commitment. The foundation Architektur-Forum Baden-Württemberg is hosting an event series in relation to this topic. Moderated by Frank Kaltenbach, editor of the international architecture magazine DETAIL, the talk between Prof. Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, president of the Goethe-Institute and Markus Heinsdorff, internationally working installation artist, is shedding light on the exchange between the areas of culture, art and architecture. Accordingly, experiences and activities regarding worldwide projects that take part with and within different cultures are being shared with the audience.