2016 Csórompuszta, Hungary 

Octagonal and 8,5 m high tower object made from 7 x 7 cm square-cut wood. The construction consists of 8 vertical frames that are connected via horizontal bars. To get on top, visitors can climb up a ladder through the supportive funnel structure beneath the octagon. The open constructions allows for a 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. The observation of nature from this perspective is a special experience. Only the minimum of material necessary for stability has been used. All connections have been made with screws or glue. 

The platform of 6 m diameter and 25 sqm can be used for exhibitions and research. The surrounding landscape consists of fields, woods, and a few villages. The bird sanctuaries are very close. The tower has been build for and with the support of the Hello Wood Architecture Festival. 

The concept of an open structure and the connection between inside and outside space has been continued in Markus Heinsdorff’s work since Skyplace, the open airship in Bali, Indonesia 2002, Treehouse 2007 and Living Dome 2008 in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand and multiple Spheres 2001-2011. 

In collaboration with Hello Wood, an international architecture program and design studio based in Budapest, Hungary.
Team: Mangliár László, Eve Stotesbury, Cristina Krois, Zsuzsanna Kovács , Vladimír Votava, Henry Lyle, Flavia Notarianni, Sasvári Adrienn, Sonia Molenda   

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