space ship
2016 Pinakothek der Moderne, Architekturmuseum of TU Munich

A seven meter long and six meter high light weight object referring to low cost building. The house – or space object – is on temporal display at the space in front of the Pinakothek der Moderne. The extremely light weight and modular construction is the object's foremost characteristic. It allows for a variety of construction and combination methods and can be used as an international deployable building kit. It is also floatable. The art/architecture installation refers directly to contemporary challenges concerning low cost building and living space, in Germany as well as abroad. The basic construction is made out of prefabricated steel sheet profiles (0,6 mm width) that are readily available in every building supplies store. For the space ship, they have been remodelled into extremely light, high-tensile pillars and beams.
The lower construction consists of 16 recycled 200 litre steel barrels as foundation and floating body, an adjustable pillar space with wooden rack and storage room at the ground level and a modular wooden structure with windows, doors and balcony set on top of it. The object can be easily dismantled, moved and reassambled  – floating on a lake or river is the next planned location.

space ship | Video


A project in cooperation with the Architekturmuseum München, Prof. Dr. Andres Lepik

Partner, Sponsoring:
Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Deutschland GmbH (SGBDD). The project "space ship" has been supported by SGBDD. 90% of the materials were sponsored by Raab Karcher, a trademark of SGBDD. 
Workshop for assembly, overview of construction and deconstruction, project support: Atelier Damböck Messebau GmbH, Neufinsing near Munich, Germany
Wood works: Hans Hundegger AG, Hawangen, Germany

low cost lab of the Chair of Building Construction, and Material Science, Prof. Florian Musso, Technical University Munich, Germany
Drawing, detail development: Architect Dipl.-Ing. Jan Stahl, Stuttgart, Germany
Workshop for element construction: Design Andreas Wilke, Pähl, Germany
Steel joint elements: Stoll Feinblechtechnik GmbH, Krailling, Germany