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Wind- Watertower
2016 Michamvi, Zanzibar, Tanzania

A water station combined with a cooling wind tower is installed as a central village object in Zanzibar. The object is built with locally available construction materials like stones, corrugated metal, wood and bamboo. A water tank positioned on top of a former cistern to enable permanent water pressure. The cistern room on the ground floor (7x4 m wide and 2,5 m high) is opened on all four sides and provides the basis for a 3 m wide tower made of corrugated metal that surrounds two water tanks, one with drinking water and a second one filled with rain water collected from the roof, each with a volume of 4000 l. In most towns in Zanzibar the water is scooped from wells - often contaminated and salinated. As part of a pilot project, the village of Michamvi receives cleaned and desalinated water through pipes connected to a well 10 km away. On top of the tower, at 10 m height, an upside down pyramid is installed that uses the principle of traditional cooling towers and directs wind streams down the tube past the water storage and into the old cistern room. This provides a naturally air-conditioned, shaded, and water providing space that also offers a central public meeting point next to a football field, therefore combining functional and social aspects. Seven gabiones, filled with debris and smoothed out on top with mortar, provide sitting benches. Additionally, the small windmill installed on the roof generates electricity. The electricity can be stored and used for LED lightning and mobile phone charging devices. The "wind-water-tower" shows how the innovative use of wind and water forces can create comfort in a sustainable way. 

A PPP project (Public Private Partnership) of the GIZ in cooperation with German companies and the Zanzibar Water Authority (ZAWA) is the first of its kind in the town regions Michamvi and Kijitu Upele.
Gabiones and support from Maccaferri Italy and South Africa.

Wind- Watertower | Video

Urban Mela Urban Mela
Urban Mela Urban Mela


Technical Development Tower: Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design, Prof. Thomas Auer, Technical University Munich in cooperation with Elisabeth Endres and Daniele Santucci, Germany
Project management and technical realization on site: Christoph Helf, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Consulting and project development: Andreas Zeiselmair, Munich, Germany
Structural engineering: Jonas Schikore, Munich, Germany